Picking goggles can be a confusing process. There's a myriad of brands, styles, and models to choose from.

You can always come to any of our stores where our staff will be more than happy to help you find the correct goggle.


Here is our process:


1- What type of swimming do you do?

Swimming for wellnes and excercise - Recreational goggles and swim masks

If you swim for wellness or excercise your main concern should be comfort, recreational goggles tend to fit around the eye socket for maximum comfort.

Trying a goggle on and seeing if it suctions and feels comfortable is all that's needed at the initial fitting stage.


Racers and agressive swimmers - Racing Goggles

Swimmers who compete or swim aggressively, diving off the blocks, doing fast flip turns may find that the larger recreational goggles and masks flip off or move around their face when performing high speed maneuveurs in the water because of their larger size. Racing goggles are low profile, fit in the eye socket, and reduces drag and the likeliness of the goggle falling off during high speed maneuvers