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SITE OPEN for:  Suits-Parka-Packpack and Equipment

Site Closed for: Hoodies-T's-Warmups until next order period

All items, will be produced after the order period ends on November 13th and it could take up to 3 weeks to produce. 

Parkas will take up to 6 weeks to produce and have shipping already included in the price.  

All team apparel must be ordered during the order period except Parkas and Team Equipment which can be ordered year-round.

Orders will be shipped directly to the customer via USPS except Parkas.  

If you do not get a confirmation immediately, please EMAIL us.

If you have questions about any items on this site, email: tim@theswimguy.com or mike@theswimguy.com.

Or give us a call at  310 452-2221 during business hours and ask for Tim or Michael.

Thanks for Letting the Swim Guy take care of your Team!  We appreciate your business.


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